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Alias. Syd's super swank glasses.

creamsodaangel in alpha_11


Julia was working dilligently underneat the sensor controls. The array itself had seemed fine when she had run scans on it from the Shuttle British Colombia NXI-98, in which Captain Jakobson, Commander Stel and herself had arrived, it was just a matter of bringing it online and aligning it right.

The sensor panel above her started beeping, and Stel made his way over to see what was being picked up by the sensors. "It seems as if the Shuttle Minnesota NXI-86 has arrived," he informed in his calm monotone Vulcan way to Captain Jakobson.

She nodded, "Do we have communications?"

From underneath the sensor console, Julia replied. "Only short range through our comm badges. Station communications are still offline," Julia wiped her forehead before continuing working. "They'll need to be fairly close before they're in communications range."

As if on cue, however, Captain Amelia Jakobson's comm badge sounded and a voice came over. [This is Lieutenant Ethan Apella aboard the Shuttle Minnesota to Captain Jakobson aboard the Space Station Alpha 11.]

Tapping her badge, Amelia acknowledged the Lieutenant. "Go ahead Lieutenant," She said as she made her way over to the console that Stel was observing and Julia was working on.

[The Shuttle Minnesota requesting permission to dock.]

"None of the docking ports are operational, they'll have to manually open them," Julia's muffled voice came from below the console.

"Then one of the innermost docking bays would seem most logical," Stel added with a raise of his eyebrow.

Amelia smiled from the input. "Jakobson to Apella. Choose one of the inner docking bays, but watch out. Power is still down. You'll have to manually access the airlock from the outside."

[Understood Captain. We'll be on board in a few minutes. Minnesota Out.]

Amelia grinned to the two only other crew members aboard. With the rest of her senior staff aboard the shuttle, and more crew to come, she was beginning to feel like she was the Captain of something again, even if it was a barely functioning Space Station.

"There!" Came an excited voice from below the console, "Sensors are aligned, we should have a better idea of what's coming and going." Julia said as she crawled out from under the console with a look of satisfaction on her face. At least something with this station was going right.

Stel's fingers were going across the console a mile a minute. "We have sensors withing a few hunder light years."

"Not great, I know. But once I get the core back to maximum efficiency, we'll have better output power to bring the sensors to Starfleet specs," Julia said as she smiled.

"Communications next, I'm guessing?" Julia asked with a raised eyebrow to the Captain, who just nodded.


Julian is made of awesome.

November 2006

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