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creamsodaangel in alpha_11


Captain Amelia Jakobson stepped out from the lift into her new Command Centre. Perhaps it wasn't hte prettiest thing she'd ever seen, being on a 30 year old starbase that had been sitting empty for more than 10 due to conflicts in neighbouring areas. But that's why they were here: To fix Deep Space Alpha 11 up and make her good as new as a functioning Space Station.

"Well it's certainly gonna take a little elbow grease.." Lieutenant Commander Julia Nielson said as she appeared from underneath a console that suddenly lit up, signally that there was power now flowing through it.

"I was gonna say a spit and polish, but that works too..." Amelia said with a smile to her Chief Engineer. The short raven haired woman was going to be up in her arms in repairs for the next few weeks, judging by the state of the station.

"It seems, Captain, that who ever was her prior to us did a good job removing all main systems that they could get a profit on," Amelia's First Officer, Commander Stel. The Vulcan stood above another console, scanning it with a tricorder in hand.

"Well at least life support and artificial gravity is online," Amelia replied, trying to stay optimistic despite sensing the doubts of several of her senior crew members.

The console that Julia had been working on flickered again, and she grinned big as she turned to her Commanding Officer, "And now we have sensors!"


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November 2006

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